Residual Value Intelligence

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Ensure every angle is covered so your business is never left exposed

Support your own internal analysis with Residual Value Intelligence, which enables you to review trends across seven markets, 14 segments, seven fuel types and 42 brands so you’re always working with the most relevant context-rich data available.

To stay ahead of the game, set up key performance indicators via the service’s customisable dashboard, and monitor current values across trade and retail. Improve your strategic planning by reviewing our 16 age-distance scenarios.

Rely on vetted data from a trusted industry voice

Our Residual Value Intelligence service uses our vetted pan-European pricing and specification datasets that offer:

  • Valuations based on in-depth research coupled with total transparency
  • Trend analysis powered by a robust and proven segmentation system
  • Reliable weighted averages that are essential for accurate cross-country comparisons

Use software solutions that put your needs front and centre

Our class-leading visualisation software can be mastered in minutes, not days.

From viewing critical data at a glance via dashboard to fast downloads of graphs and key datasets for presentations or sharing with colleagues, our intuitive system lets you focus solely on analysis and decision making, instead of wasting valuable time and resources on training.

Watch the video to find out how Residual Value Intelligence can help you and your business