Registrations and Outlooks

All-electric vehicles zoom ahead of plug-in hybrids in the Netherlands
Europe marches on with new-car market recovery in June
Plug-in vehicles maintain 35% share of Chinese new-car market in May 
Swiss new-car registrations surge in first half of 2023 as used transactions stagnate
Plug-in vehicles account for almost a quarter of Europe’s new-car market in May
June means more growth and supply for UK LCV markets
Polish automotive market sees volatility in first half of 2023
Plug-in vehicles make up 16% of global new-car sales in May
Spain on target as French and Italian new-car markets fall short in June
German new-car market sees upswing with BEVs pushing ahead
Charging incentives needed for BEV buyers as UK registrations rise
Nearly half of the Netherlands’ new cars featured plug-in technology in May
EU new-car market sees ten-month growth trend in May
May sees more growth for new LCVs as older models hit UK used market
Plug-in vehicles make up 14% of global new-car sales in April
China’s impact on the European automotive industry
Comparatively good growth for European new-car markets
More than a third of registrations in China come from plug-in vehicles
Strong demand for electric vehicles as German new-car market recovery continues
Tesla remains Europe’s lead plug-in brand, but Volkswagen is recovering