How we help fleet & leasing

From contract hire and daily rentals to fleet management, Autovista Group can help by giving you accurate data and insight to support your own in-fleeting decisions and those of your clients.

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How we can help you

We can help you set and forecast residual values and total cost of ownership positions for individual vehicles, powertrain types and portfolios, as well as identify risks that could threaten your bottom line and growth. Our market quotations and residual value forecasts help you to:

  • Select the right vehicle and equipment to meet your own and your clients’ requirements
  • Establish the optimal risk position for each vehicle and the entire portfolio
  • Adjust your in-fleeting and de-fleeting strategy
  • Accurately recalculate your fleet’s value on a regular basis
  • Remain compliant


Make smarter, cost-saving decisions by purchasing the right vehicles for your Fleet

How sure are you that you’re currently purchasing the most cost-effective vehicles for your fleet? Could there be a better alternative that you may not have considered? How about across all major European markets?

Autovista Group can help to open up other opportunities in the world of selling vehicles.


Make more informed decisions for your business

Autovista Group can help you simulate discount and pricing strategies to see how different decisions could impact your TCO. This ensures you can strike the perfect balance between discounting less than your competitors, whilst ensuring your TCO remains low.


Meet your clients’ needs and improve your service offering

We can help you zero-in on your clients’ needs by drilling down on the data to find the right vehicle and engine type for your clients’ and drivers’ purpose.

This can help you gain a competitive advantage against your market rivals.

Our Solution – Car Cost Expert

Car Cost Expert has been at the forefront of TCO data – allowing Fleet companies to anticipate running costs and save hundreds of thousands

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Monitor residual values with Car Cost Expert

It is critical to monitor the residual values of your Fleet

Different vehicle makes and models depreciate at different rates. Residual values are additionally affected by a wide range of other factors, such as the equipment spec, service schedules and so on. Our tool helps you to see the impact on residual values of adding different features to a vehicle spec. We help fleet managers to source the right spec vehicles with a view to maximising their sell-on value.

Car Cost Expert helps you decide what mix of vehicles to purchase for your Fleet

Our tool helps fleet managers to understand the total lifetime value of the vehicles they source. By knowing, in accurate detail, how much value they are likely to realise at the point of de-fleeting, a fleet buyer can source vehicles that will give them the biggest bang for their budget and delight their company’s employees too.

Leverage better remarketing returns

Many multi-market fleet operators can leverage better remarketing returns for their fleet in one country by de-fleeting in another territory rather than in their home market. Our data can help companies to avoid missing out on such opportunities.


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Here are 3 ways Car Cost Expert can improve your remarketing strategy

1. Benchmark models to find the car with the lowest TCO for your car park across Europe. The new Car Cost Expert now includes a new and modern interface that helps you visualise each vehicles performance

2. Once you’ve identified your preferred model, you can then compare its TCO across different markets to determine the most competitive one for a resell

3. Finally, you can leverage Car Cost Expert’s reliable data to negotiate better deals with potential buyers